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Photographer: Jamie Morgan

"Pam Hogg is a designer of Cult status, one of the most original, inventive, creative designers in Britain" - Terry Wogan "Britain's most provocative designer" - The Guardian "The audacious sartorial stylings of Pam Hogg are not for the shy and retiring, a kaleidoscopic tour de force of pop, punk and PVC" - The Gentlewoman "Effortlessly avant garde" - Bella Freud Pam Hogg is widely regarded as an icon of British fashion design. A romantic and renegade whose career has taken her from Glasgow via its world-renowned School of Art to the catwalks of London Fashion Week, the cover of ID Magazine, the wardrobes of superstars from Kylie to Lady Gaga and the walls of the world's top galleries. The Caledonian Queen of Cling has also shared a stage singing alongside rock and pop royalty. A champion of the underdog and the overlooked, she thrives on disorder, disruption and disarray. Flamboyant and fearless, Pam's work has always existed outside its time, season-less and visionary, and its resonance is as clear today as ever before, perhaps even more so as society begins to gaze inwards towards the radical beauty and chaos at its heart. She has spent almost four decades creating unconventional clothes for confident women, and her longevity as a designer is astonishing, with most of her contemporaries from that first new wave largely forgotten today. Continued in Biography...

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